Hemi Swap: 1965 Plymouth Barracuda

Just about every automotive enthusiast has heard the sentiment of “don’t take on someone else’s unfinished project,” but sometimes, it’s hard to pass up the value presented by someone else throwing in the towel. This seems to be the case with this incomplete 1965 Plymouth Barracuda project that is here on eBay.

Originally a California car, Tucker Custom, and Body of Tucker, Georgia is now offering the vehicle for sale. The advertisement doesn’t offer too many details on the vehicle’s background or why it went on the market, but the shop does provide a phone number for questions from serious buyers.

This ‘Cuda uses a 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine from a 2007 state police vehicle. The engine has 3,500 miles and paperwork to verify that figure, though the ad does not state which transmission the engine pairs too. However, the transmission uses a custom driveshaft, which delivers power to an 8.8-inch limited-slip differential with a 3.73 gear ratio.

The undercarriage appears to be in great shape, and it also benefits from a nice coating of POR-15, which should help prevent any spread of rust. The car also uses coil over suspension all around and Wildwood disc brakes in the front.

This shop is asking $7,000 for this Plymouth, though reasonable offers are also considered. Additionally, the shop does acknowledge that this project is nearly complete and that there are over $16,000 in receipts. Do you think that’s a fair price for this custom Cuda, or would you rather let someone else take on this unfinished project?


  1. Capriest

    I had a 64 273 barracuda I sold a few years ago that I would have loved to do this with. Will be one wild ride when finished. Doesn’t seem like a bad deal if most of the parts are there. What’s been done isn’t cheap. Seems like a lot of the hard work is done sans paint.

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  2. Wayne

    I’ve had 2 of these and love them. All modifications appear to be done correctly. ( at least IMHO). I think the pricing is very good.
    Love to have it.

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  3. CapNemo

    I’d sure like to see this one when it’s done!

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  4. Sandy Claws

    My uncle bought one of these new. It was a 225 auto and it was wonderful. We had a 170 slant six 3 speed 1963 Valiant at the time, and I was sooooo jealous. Funny, even then, I had no need for souped engines, just a nice running car with adequate power. Too young to drive at the time, but I sat behind the wheel of that car when parked when ever I could. He got married and traded it in on a four door Fury, I strongly hinted I needed the 65 but alas, no cash, as usual.

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  5. Angrymike

    Now this is the kind of project I’d love to have, I’ve always loved the early cuda’s ! 64-65 had the best front end imho. This would be fun as hell when finished !

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  6. redwagon

    Being sold by a shop at about half of the receipts. Sounds a lot like the original owner lost more than interest.

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  7. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Dang, I’d love to have the finished product. Looks like a blast, with all of the suspension/steering mods. Coil overs, rack and pinion, power brakes, good power… Yea, that’d be fun.

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  8. Gordubya

    I’m in the Atlanta area and have been looking at first-gen Barracudas. This one sort of intrigues me, though I’m not at all into racing. Just seems like a cool potential cruiser. Any reason to worry about handling with the additional front-end weight of a 5.7?

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    • boxdin

      The new 5.7 probably isn’t much heavier than the six

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  9. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Yea, OK….

    This would be a blast to own when finished. With the suspension and steering updates, fun to drive. I’d love it.

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  10. 86_Vette_Convertible

    So is the owner or body shop selling it? Either way, make sure you’re getting an actual title vs some mechanics lien payoff. Once looked at a car that was acquired that way (mechanics lien) and after talking to the dmv figured it just was not worth the hassle to work through the title issue.

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    • Miguel

      You can have the selling shop apply for a title in their name and then hand it to you. It shouldn’t be a problem.

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  11. Wayne

    I have bought several lein vehicles in the past. (mechanics, storage, tow) and never once had a problem. You have a large envelope of documentation so it takes 30 minutes at the DMV instead of 10.
    If you want to play, sometimes you have to pay, with time besides dollars.

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    • Miguel

      The problem with that, Wayne, is if the lien wasn’t done exactly correct, DMV can reject the packet and make you do it all over again. All of the return receipts or the returned unopened certified letters have to be present.

      It is always a gamble to accept paperwork that can be rejected.

  12. Geno knight

    I have had 9 of these barracudas and recently I had 5 of these barracudas at 1 time, now I’m down to 1 and it is turning into a gasser

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  13. Wayne

    After having 2 and several other of the same body. I can tell you they were just ok handling cars from new. From the pictures that I have seen, it looks like it will be better than stock. Not to worry about extra front weight. I am not even sure that it will weigh more. I am a road race guy now ( former auto crosser, ice racer and pro-rally driver) and I would not hesitate on this one from the modifications made. ( as long as the work was quality as it appears to be from the pictures)
    Go get it and keep us updated.

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  14. Keith

    It looks like it has the Reilly Motorsports “Alter-K-tion” K frame on it. That alone was at least $5,000. I can’t tell if he got the Wilwood front disk brakes, though.

  15. DNC

    My first car was a 65. This thing is going to be scary when finished

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  16. GK

    This car has been listed on the Atlanta FB Market for about 6 months. Have been watching, but just don’t have the resources to be tackling a new project atm. Currently listed at $5500, though the original bottom dollar price I think was 9000… Not sure why they’re throwing in the towel, but they estimated about 6-9 months of work for a solo mechanic to finish it as a hobby (5 years if it was me).

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  17. David Ulrey

    I’ve never seen the appeal about the looks of these first generation ones but judging by the comments apparently others do. Next generation? Oh yes! It’s a case of to each their own but if a car of any kind is done right, that I can appreciate. Despite my not caring for the body style it should be one heck of a car when finished!

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  18. Will Irby

    Mine is close to being finished, and I don’t need another one, but that looks like a good starting point for a fun, low-budget project.

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      OH Hellz YAZ!

      Looking awesome. What is the motor, Will?

      • Will Irby

        It’s an aluminum 433 c.i. 3rd gen hemi, with Hilborn injection and a dry sump system. It has a Tremec 6-speed with sequential shift conversion, full frame with roll cage, independent rear suspension, Detroit Speed front suspension, active suspension control, Alcon brakes, differential cooler, fire suppression system, and a few other goodies. Oh yeah, also Vintage Air and stereo; it’s a street car. I might even have a cupholder.

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      • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever


        You should consider playing with it a bit:



        Sounds like the drivetrain and suspension setup you have added would be up to it! Let me know if you want a co-driver, I have plenty of experience and success at the sport (LOL).

      • Will Irby

        Yes, I will definitely be hitting some of those.

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