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Iowa Barn Find: 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

UPDATE 06/21/2022: The owner had no luck last time finding a buyer for this 1964 Corvette Convertible, so they’ve decided to roll the dice again. Nothing has changed between their last listing and the current one, although we receive a few better photos. If you looked past this Corvette the first time, you will find it listed for sale here on eBay. The seller’s BIN is $26,500 with the option to make an offer.

06/11/2022: The march of time can be kinder to some classic cars than others. Take this 1964 Corvette Convertible as a case in point. We’ve seen some stunning examples over the years, but this warrior has seen better days. However, things may be on the improve for this classic since it has recently been released from captivity. Returning it to its former glory will be a significant undertaking, so it could be worth a closer look to determine whether it is viable. The Corvette is listed for sale here on eBay in Williamsburg, Iowa. I must say a big thank you to Barn Finder Larry D, who has used his finely tuned radar to spot another beauty for us.

This Corvette’s history is shrouded in mystery, but the listing indicates that it has belonged to the same person since 1973. It has undergone many changes throughout its life, but it is unclear when and why the owner placed it in storage. The accumulated dust suggests that we can measure the timeframe in decades, and there are many things for potential buyers to consider. The current shade of green isn’t original, with the Trim Tag confirming it rolled off the line resplendent in attractive Satin Silver. The paint has seen better days, as has the soft-top. The tired paint is the tip of the iceberg because the fiberglass beneath has many modifications, flaws, and imperfections. Repairing the damage should be possible, but the buyer will face the task of stripping away the paint before this occurs. It will be the best approach if they desire a high-quality finish. However, that could prove the tip of the iceberg with this ‘Vette. The underside shots reveal some heavy corrosion. The sheer quantity suggests the car has either been stored in a damp environment or exposed to unfavorable conditions during its active life. The seller includes some spare wheels and tires, and if these have spent time on this classic, they may indicate exposure to snow and salt. Regardless of the truth, the corrosion and panel deterioration would make an in-person inspection essential as the first step to confirming it is a financially viable project.

As with the exterior, this Corvette’s interior requires nothing less than a total restoration. The Tag indicates that the upholstery should be Blue vinyl, but the accumulated dirt makes it impossible to confirm that it retains that shade. The buyer will face a total retrim, although the interior is complete. Returning it to its former glory won’t be a cheap exercise because a set of correct seatcovers retails for $480, while door trims and a carpet set add $900 and $540, respectively. Therefore, the buyer must budget at least $2,000 as their starting point if they wish to whip the interior into shape. Depending on what they discover as they delve deeper, that figure could rise considerably.

According to the seller, the Corvette isn’t numbers-matching, and the mystery deepens further here. Its engine bay would have originally housed a 327ci V8, although your guess is as good as mine when we discuss its specifications. The listing indicates that the 327 made way for an LT1 version of the 350ci small-block, although the seller leaves us in the dark about its vintage. However, that may prove academic because the deterioration across other aspects of this classic suggests that the buyer should add the cost of an engine refresh to their budget. If so, that would provide the opportunity to tailor the small-block’s specifications to their taste. Since it isn’t numbers-matching, it could prove the perfect motivation to ditch the existing 350 in favor of a crate motor. Given the cost of remedial work required across other areas of this ‘Vette, it may prove the best option to ensure the buyer isn’t shoveling money into a bottomless pit.

Seeing a desirable classic like this 1964 Corvette Convertible reduced to its current state makes my heart ache. However, the fact that someone has released it from captivity may represent the first step in a high-quality restoration or refurbishment. The process won’t be for the faint-hearted and will take patience, dedication, and an extremely healthy wallet. Questions are hanging over its financial viability, and only an in-person inspection will confirm this car’s structural integrity. The seller failed to achieve their BIN last time, and I have doubts on this occasion. Fifty-five people are watching the listing, so maybe one of those will submit a decent offer. Would you consider pursuing it further, or would you find the challenge too great?


  1. gaspumpchas

    Spent some time underwater? You would need to check this over well before plunking down good $$$$. Cant see it being worth anywhere near the BIN price. Good luck and happy motoring!

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    • Buzzz

      Junk,even for parts,whoever buys it will lose their shirts

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  2. gbvette62

    “Repairing the damage should not be difficult”, I disagree. There’s not a panel on this car that doesn’t need to be repaired/replaced. All four fenders have been cut up for flares, requiring all four to be replaced. The headlight doors have been filled (I assume the lamps were moved to the grill area?) and the parking lamp pods have been removed and smoothed, pretty much meaning this car will need a whole nose, if the next owner wants to return it to anything that resembles stock.

    I’m figuring $3000 for the interior after you add for seat foam and burlap, kick panels, quarter trim panels, center and door arm rest pads, etc, plus $2000+ in labor if you can’t do the work yourself. Figure a whole lot more if the dash eyebrows are cracked or bad.

    It sounds like the seller’s guessing it’s an LT-1, which it may or may not be. The intake doesn’t indicate anything though, as 55-82 small block intakes are all pretty much interchangeable. It could be the original intake or an after market one, installed on a later engine. The temperature sender in the left head indicates the heads are 69 and later, so the block may be too.

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  3. Stephen G Paulus

    Move along, nothing to see here. :(

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  4. Rw

    Love these old hot rod vettes,all ready got snow flakes whining about it.

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  5. RoughDiamond Member

    @Rw-Let’s keep any criticism to the cars and not the enthusiasts on here or you’re free to move along and offer your expert commentary elsewhere.

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  6. Big C

    This Corvette only needs a new body, new engine, interior, top, wheels, tires and maybe a frame and transmission. Sounds like a fun weekend project!

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  7. Cam W.

    I am with gbvette62 on this one. This car is not worth trying to bring it back to even close to original. To me the car is worth saving, but only as a “customized” Corvette, retaining most of the period-correct modifications.
    I have restored/rebuilt a number of C1, C2, and C3 cars. Some to NCRS standards, and left others more as-found. One of my favourites is a a ’66 427 that I got licence plates for that read : “AS FOUND”. To me they all have their own “personality”.
    When evaluating old Corvettes, there are really 3 main categories: #1- Worth buying/maintaining/restoring as original. #2- Worth buying/building as hotrod or resto-mod. #3- Parts car.
    To me this one would be a cool #2. I bought a ’65 a couple summers ago in slightly worse shape for about 1/2 the BIN price for the green car here. It was fun to build and drive. I later sold it to a friend that went even father customizing it, installing a blown big-block.

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    • Buzzz

      I had a 69 427 4 speed,once warmed up you couldn’t drive it without wearing a firesuit and it would burn a tank of fuel in a cple hours even just babying it,things literally fall off or break daily on corvettes,they define money pit and PITA.

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    • SirLurxaLot

      Thank you! I’m with you. This is a blank canvas. If I could BIN at half this price I’d LS it, re-flare the fenders, GS the headlights, add 4-into-1 black sidepides, paint it any color I want and daily TF out of it.

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  8. dogwater

    I think 26k would ok if a person wanted to restore the car and do a lot of the work and plan on keeping it .

  9. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    When these were 10 years old, this is what a lot of them ended up looking like.

    There was a green metal flake with sidepipes that looked a lot like this one tooling around our town in the mid-70’s.

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  10. George Mattar

    In 1975, this car would have sold for more than a stock 64 convertible. That’s the way it was until the NCRS got big. As for thus green car, only one owner for almost 50 years.

  11. Michael Babinetz

    If this was free you’d be underwater . Been there done that.

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  12. oliver mcpherson Member

    have restored 2 0f these, firsrt one needed a front clip, rotating headlite assemblite and all 4 fender flares. add the cost of all that fiberglass to the cost of installing it and then add all the interior/mechanical bits ? the car makes sense at maybe half thr BIN price (if rhat)

  13. Swolf Member

    I can close my eyes and see this old Corvette blasting down a Iowa farm road on a hot summer night under a full moon with a trunk full of beer! Lol. ‘Wish it could talk!

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    • Ike Onick

      If it could talk, it would say “I don’t have a trunk”

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  14. FrankD Member

    Just another jack up the radiator cap and put a new car under it.

  15. Claudio

    I agree with RW

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  16. bobhess bobhess Member

    The rat that moved into the upper radiator hose is really going to be upset.

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  17. Big C

    These cars used to look like this(in road worthy condition) back when they were just old hot rods. Before the speculators drove the prices through the roof, 20 years ago. Thus, $26 large, today.

  18. Melton Mooney

    Add up the used value of the parts you can see in the pic, in the condition you see them, and that’s your offer. Risk creeps in at 1 penny over that.

  19. Ike Onick

    Barn Finds needs a phone service to place comments on- “If you are calling to whine like the old fart you are, please press #1, if you have something useful to add to the conversation, please press #2” “If you are Ike Onick, get the hell off our phone!!”

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  20. oliver mcpherson Member

    every used car rebuild is the triumph 0f imagination over experience, add a swamp-rat Vette to that toxic mess and you get a “tools 4 fools”. scenario.
    Its a parts/title package…

  21. Carmanic Carmanic Member

    FINALLY a ’64 Corvette convertible that is in worse shape than mine when I got it. I feel less bad now.

  22. keith

    This car SCREAMS resto-mod ..

    Starting with a new A/M frame …. its no longer original anyways and not likely to ever be again… SO, modernize it ….turn it into a very cool driver…

    Absolutely, stay true to the visual originality.. it is a beautiful design….but update EVERYTHING else.. pick any part you want from the vast Chevrolet catalog.. and then drive the wheels off it..

    “lemons to lemonade”

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