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Lamborghini Windshield! Fiberfab Aztec 7 Kit Car

I wonder how many of our readers are old enough to remember when a Volkswagen chassis was cheap and easy to come by.  Among those folks who do, I’m guessing many also remember when you could order a kit car to put on top of that VW platform, have it delivered to your home, and without too much anguish combine the two and be driving a creation that was the envy of every hipster in your neighborhood.  The seller of this rolling relic certainly does, and he’s looking to find it a new place to call home, so if you’ve been thinking about buying an oddball project that’s not going to break the bank this might be a great car for you.  This Aztec 7 kit car is located in Shelby, North Carolina, and can be found here on Facebook Marketplace at a very reasonable price of $2,500.  Barn Finds would like to thank reader Chuck Foster for sending us the tip on this one.

The Aztec 7 was a creation of American automotive manufacturer Fiberfab, which ended up being one of the longest-lasting kit car makers.  The Aztec 7 was inspired by an Alfa Romeo concept car, named the Bertone Carabo, from 1968.  Fiberfab began offering the Aztec 7 kits in the early ’70s and an estimated 400 examples were produced.  These were designed for a Volkswagen chassis and utilized the same windshield as the Lamborghini Miura.

The Aztec 7 being offered for sale here is just a roller, as it has no motor.  But the transmission is still present, and judging from the photos everything on the outside looks pretty much complete.  I keep staring at those taillights and think they are from an early model Chevrolet Vega, and the effect of using 6 of them across the back panel works well, as does the low to the ground tailpipes.

Inside, things are looking less complete than outside, and I can’t really tell if the builder never got far enough to install instruments in the dashboard or if they were once there and have since been removed.  The seats are still in place, and the car has speakers in both the front and back, so the car either had a rockin’ sound system at one time or was intended to.  While the car obviously needs a lot of work, it does look like a good starting point for a kit car enthusiast, and the $2,500 price tag seems fair for what you’re getting here.  What are your thoughts on this Fiberfab Aztec 7?


  1. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    I think I’d rather have the Monte, please.

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  2. Ike Onick

    Please recycle responsibly.

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  3. Scott m

    Seems like the wheels and windshield would be worth the buy, then resell the shell

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  4. Troy

    So buy that kit that lets you put a LS in a Porsche , finish the interior and triple your investment, or die during the road test either way you had fun for a little while.

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  5. Claudio

    Kudos to the builder
    He took an ugly car
    Spent an enormous amount of time
    Made it uglier with mods
    Plain FUGLY

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  6. Howie Mueler

    Those seats hurt my back just looking at them.

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  7. Steve Clinton

    6 VEGA taillights?
    No thanks, no thanks, no thanks, no thanks, no thanks, no thanks!

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  8. Corey Irons

    That’s not an Aztec 7. They had a canopy top not gull-wing doors and the back end is completely wrong.

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    • Ike Onick

      I was thinking the whole thing is completely wrong.

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    • jon

      you are wrong as I have one with gullwing doors.

  9. Mark

    Another reason to stay away from any vehicle with the name Aztec…..

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    • Ike Onick

      Especially Aztecs 1-6.

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  10. gary

    Not a bad looking car, looks like a good quality body kit. Put a 300hp VW in it, lower it a bit and drive the snot out of it. See

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    • Michael

      The buyer is bad news all the way around.

      • douglas hunt

        don’t you mean seller?

      • Michael

        I meant to say seller. The lady seller is just bad news to deal with.

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  11. Kevin

    I thought I didn’t remember the 70’s because of drugs but now I know there’s another reason.

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  12. RMac

    Love the door support but where does it store when peddling this down the road? What’s with the white patches
    Only about 40 minutes from me if it were $1000 cheaper I might consider it

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    • Michael

      Don’t waste your time she plays games.

  13. Michael Malcewicz

    I just experienced dealing with this lady. She wants people to come out to North Carolina and test drive the vehicle and pay in cash, in person. She will send you on endless texting, will not talk you you over the phone, demands money and then does not supply the information needed to complete the transaction, does not cooperate. Then says I only sell face to face. She plays games. Be very cautious when dealing with her or better yet don’t deal with her at all. The car comes with engine or without. The title is not in her name nd she has to send it off to get put in her name, says it will take a month. The car is advertised without engine at $2500 or $3800 with, installed.

  14. jon

    you are wrong as I have one with gullwing doors.

    • Michael Malcewicz

      Who is wrong and about what?

  15. Jim Goodenbery

    I would get it and turn it into a time machine if I didn’t have two projects in my driveway, already.

    • Howie

      Jim, no worry it is no longer available.

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