More Info Please: 1968 Chevrolet Impala

The owner of this 1968 Impala Coupe gets straight to the point with the car. He is unwilling to provide any photos beyond what you get in the listing, and he is also unwilling to provide any further information either. He says that anyone who is serious about the Impala should just go and look at the car, which is located in Webster, New York. Barn Finder Mark T spotted the Impala for us, so thank you for that Mark. The Impala is listed for sale here on Facebook, and the price has been set at $2,600, which is firm.

The Impala is finished in Cordovan Maroon with a white top. The color-coded Rally wheels set it off nicely, but there are some rust issues to be dealt with before the Impala will be returned to its best. It has hit all of the usual spots such as the lower quarters, lower fenders, and the floors. There is also corrosion appearing around the rear glass, so it might not be a bad idea if the next owner removes the glass to ensure that no nasty surprises lurk beneath.

There are no engine photos, but it appears that the Impala sports a 327ci V8 and an automatic transmission. It isn’t clear which version of the 327 this is, but in good health, there still should be at least 250hp on tap. The owner indicates that the car doesn’t run, but doesn’t give so much as a hint as to why. Dirty Fuel? Flat battery? Engine locked? Your guess is as good as mine on that one.

Once upon a time, the interior of the Impala was a nice place to be. It could be again, but there is some work to do first. A picture is worth a thousand words, so you can all see what is needed on this one. The Impala is fitted with a couple of nice options, including power windows and air conditioning.

The Impala is a desirable car, and this one does show some promise. The bugbear for me is the lack of vital information, and the owner’s unwillingness to answer some very basic questions about the health of the car. Part of me would really like to get a look at the car, but part of me is put off by the attitude of the wording in the ad. What would you do in this case?


  1. NotSure

    Take my money back to the bank and wait for the next one.

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  2. Will Fox

    Any time you have an owner “unwilling” to divulge much info. about the car they’re selling, and few pics, it’s time to move on. Yes, it’s a nicely equipped Impala; how do we know the 327 didn’t chuck a rod and will need a total rebuild/replacement? We don’t.
    `68 full-size Chevys aren’t even close to extinct, so if you’re really bent on getting one, spin the bottle with this, or keep searching. I always say: Buy the VERY BEST example of a car you can for your money.

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    • TimM

      Lots of work and potentially more when no one will say if it even turns over!! It’s not rare!! It’s not a four speed car!!! It’s not even in halfway decent shape!!! I’m not rolling the dice!!! Might come up craps!!!!

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  3. Boatman Member

    It’s a Facebook ad. He probably didn’t expect anyone outside of Monroe County to even see it. He did invite people to come and look at it, right?

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  4. James Martin

    At least he isn’t asking 5000 dollars for it. Some people dont have the patience to sell a car. You have to act like a car salesman, to succeed in selling a car. Answer questions, take all the calls, even if you know there tire kicking. Maybe one of those kickers will put a 100 or so down and not come back. Had this happen more than once. Be polite. Tell them what they need to know. The problem is these days people are so bored, that they will call about an ad and act if they are interested, and then blow you off.

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  5. Timmy t

    I have a fastback,396 matching numbers with factory a/c I would let go of for that money,less rust but needs more interior work

  6. art

    I believe this one has the more expensive and rare “Comfortron” A/C, as evidenced by the temperature sensor under the lip of the dash. It was GM’s automatic temperature control option. Just rotate the dial to the desired temperature and it does the rest to maintain that temperature, novel then, common now. I also note the option of front fender running lights. The wheels look like Oldsmobile Cutlass wheels, but look nice on this car.
    The car would look really sharp all restored. I hope someone opts to grab it and restore it.

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  7. Maestro1

    The Seller is either interested in selling his car or he’s not. Apparently he’s not interested. Or he has such a low opinion of his fellow man that he won’t disclose anything. I agree with art and several others; this car has potential, the air conditioning unit is a nightmare but can be restored, and a deal can be made if one can deal with the reluctance of the Seller.

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  8. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    It should be obvious that the seller REALLY doesn’t want to sell it. Maybe his wife is making him sell it, so he is acting nonchalant and then he can tell his wife “no buyers”.
    Personally, I’d like to see the blue Seville in the background.
    Maybe that’s why he insists interested buyer come look at it. They might find something else on his property he can sell.
    Who knows?

  9. Maverick

    Dumb ass

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  10. Del

    800 dollar car ? Or less

  11. Greg Stegall

    Would never deal with a crotchety old a$$ wipe!

  12. art

    One more thought on the seller. We are all on the outside looking in. We have no idea what the seller may be going through right now or has just gone through and either could well be the basis for the curt sales pitch. If I were nearby, I’d go look at the car and talk to the seller. You never know how a sincere, in person visit might change the dynamics. You may find the seller to be an actual “nice guy” once he’s engaged in talking cars and you might just find another desirable car stashed nearby that you end up scoring, as well.
    Just not a good idea to judge the book by the cover. Personally, I’d love to see what other cars he or she might have or might know about.

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  13. Greg Stegall

    Good advice! You have made me realize that I WAS judging a book by its cover.

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  14. 86_Vette_Convertible

    When someone says Play my way or I’ll take my ball and go – I tell them not to let the door hit them in the butt on the way out.
    Regardless of the price, not worth it.

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  15. Matt steele

    It could be a 1/2 decent project for someone but price is just a little bit high and car is just a little bit too plain could chop the top put hideaway headlights on it drop a 4spd in & build the motor and have a summer cruiser ..paint the hood so it looks nice from inside lol..have to get one of them Indian blanket seat covers that are itchy..CHEESEY

  16. PatrickM

    Nowhere near enough pics. Not much info?? Not my money. This seller has a real problem. Not a bad price…unless there are a bunch of problems with it. But, I’m out

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