Older Restoration: 1968 Plymouth Barracuda

It can sometimes be easy to tell when the restoration of a classic vehicle was completed to a high standard. If the work is only days or weeks old, there will always be a lingering doubt. However, if more than a decade has passed and the vehicle still presents well, potential buyers may have found a winner. That is the case with this 1968 Plymouth Barracuda. It has no immediate needs, and its overall presentation would still turn heads. It needs a new home, so the seller listed it here on eBay in Denver, Colorado. Bidding has raced beyond the reserve to sit at $7,100.

The seller is slightly vague on when this Barracuda received its dose of TLC. They estimate the timeframe as somewhere between ten and fifteen years ago. Even at the more conservative figure, it still presents well after a decade. This shot reveals what the seller believes is the only significant paint flaw. Fuel spilled from the filler, damaging the Avacado Green paint. A reputable shop should be able to rectify the problem, which may be the only required panel and paint task. The vehicle shines impressively, and any other chips or scratches are too small to show in the supplied photos. The panels are straight, and the seller emphasizes this classic is 100% rust-free. The trim and glass look good, and the only visible modification is a set of wider steel wheels with dog dish hubcaps and narrow whitewall tires.

For those hoping to lift the hood to find a V8 powering this Barracuda, there will be some disappointment. This classic features what would be considered an entry-level drivetrain. The buyer receives a 225ci slant-six engine and a three-speed manual transmission. The driver may only have 145hp at their disposal, but with a curb weight of 2,855lbs, the Plymouth is surprisingly sprightly. The journey down the ¼ mile takes 18 seconds, and while that doesn’t sound spectacular, it rates well for basic family transport designed to carry up to six people comfortably. Outright performance isn’t this classic’s strong suit, but its ability to cruise all day at highway speeds while returning nearly 20 mpg makes it an ideal candidate for a cross-country adventure. The seller isn’t forthcoming with information on this Plymouth’s mechanical health. It is unclear whether it is numbers-matching or how well it runs and drives. It is worth noting that there are no signs of fluid leaks or other problems and no evidence that it has sat for an extended time. The visual indications are positive, and if the seller is approachable, they may be willing to answer questions or arrange an in-person inspection.

The condition and presentation of this Barracuda’s interior is an undoubted high point, and it appears to need nothing. The listing indicates the seat upholstery is leather, but I’m unsure about the accuracy of the claim. The White upholstered surfaces are flawless, suggesting the seller has treated the car respectfully since the restoration. The carpet is equally impressive, while the dash and pad are almost perfect. Considering the drivetrain configuration, I’m unsurprised that the original owner didn’t load the interior with options like air conditioning, bucket seats, or a console. However, the factory AM radio remains intact to provide entertainment on long-distance journeys.

If you bought this 1968 Barracuda, what would be your approach? It would undoubtedly turn heads in its current guise, with positive comments and people admiring the fact it is so unmolested. It is also a classic the new owner could enjoy immediately. There will be some enthusiasts who will see it as the perfect candidate for a project build. Slipping a more potent drivetrain under that immaculate body would be straightforward and give it the power to match its looks. That’s a tough call, and it will be fascinating to gauge reader feedback on the subject.


  1. Howard A Member

    Yep, let’s see, where was I, memory #1286, well, this is #1287. Johnny P. who was my neighbor next to the guy with the 427 Ford, had a car very similar to this. I’m telling you, my neighborhood, and many others, were veritable car shows, but we never thought of it that way. It was a green non-fastback Barracuda, which we though highly unusual at the time, as most were fastbacks, it was Barracudas signature feature, with a 2 barrel 273 and a factory 4 speed. Did a lot of cruising with that car, and many a lost drag race, as most Barracudas were well known tire smokers,,not Johnnys, however. It was a slug, but we had a lot of fun. I think today, anyone that might have a remote interest in this car, will be thrown for a loop with the shifting( reverse will surely take a beating), and an automatic, which wouldn’t be that hard to do here, would appeal to many more folks. Cool find.

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  2. 86_Vette_Convertible

    One of my HS classmates had a similar one, but with a V8 (273 ci IIRC). I don’t remember it being a road rocket but it got out of it’s own way. Thing was he found one thing not to do with it: don’t crest a hill and find an adult bull in the middle of the road. He hit it, smashed the front of the car and the bull rolled over the top of the car. The car was totalled by the time he came to a stop, the bull was ground meat (meaning it was dead).

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  3. AnalogMan

    I wouldn’t touch a thing. I’d drive it just as it is, and have a huge grin on my face every time I did. High power MoPars are everywhere. Every Cars & Coffee has a row of the usual Road Runners, Challengers, Chargers, etc. with the usual potent V8’s. When was the last time you saw a Barracuda with a slant 6 and a 3 on the tree? This would be the only one at any show. The bench seat makes it perfect for drive-in movie nights. Especially if it could be bought for four figures, it would be unbeatable fun for the money.

    When I was in college, I looked at a 1970 Cuda for sale, also with a slant 6 and a 3 speed stick (though on the floor). It was that wonderful Hemi Orange, inside and out. I just couldn’t swing the $1000 it took to bring it home. I knew even then I’d never see another one like it, and that it was certainly the cheapest Cuda I’d even find. By now it’s either long gone, or converted to a V8 ‘tribute’ car.

    For street driving you don’t need 800 hp. A slant six, plus a stick to row your own gears, is plenty of fun in the real world for just cruising around.

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  4. Glenn Schwass Member

    That is impressive. So clean, especially the interior. Only$8k right now. That’s a steal..

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    • Fish56

      Listing now shows ended, unsold. Someone must have offered him a tempting price. Nice car.

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  5. Walter

    I think I leave the engine in there. You can do some cool stuff with a slant 6. A breathed on slant will draw more attention than “yet another” V8.
    My .02

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    • Grant

      The 225 SS is good all by itself. If you just have to play with it, maybe a 2bbl carb and a free flowing exhaust, but that would be it for me. Like this a lot.

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  6. Johnny Cuda

    I have a 1968 Barracuda notchback with the 318. I like this one with the slant six. That is the standard vinyl interior. Don’t change a thing! Drive and enjoy.

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    • MOPAR Joe

      I agree with Johnny Cuda.

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  7. Sunshine

    Wonderful pure basic example of my favorite year Barracuda. What to do, if it were still available [listing removed on eBay]?
    Everything available at the time from the Mopar Hi-Po parts catalogue: Hyper-pak, sure-grip, front disc brakes, heavy duty suspension, tachometer, headrests, fast steering box, dual factory mirrors; and add 4 speed [fully syncro advantage] floor shift [with Passon Performance O.D. gears]. I’d resist the temptation to add other Mopar options which came after 1967-9 Barracudas [unless a safety item] so I could compete in vintage events!

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  8. JoeNYWF64

    Compare the length of that trunk with the size of the mickey mouse ones on today’s “cars”.
    It has aux gages, but could you get a tach with the 6?

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    • Johnny Cuda

      Trunk space is enormous for a car that size.

  9. Emel

    Good thing they changed the body style. Especially if you have 70-74 one.

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