Pierre Cardin Edition: 1973 AMC Javelin AMX

After 1970, the AMX became a performance option on the Javelin, gaining a back seat in the process. It stayed that way through 1974 when AMC got out of the pony car business due to a saturated market and declining interest in muscle cars. To help perk up interest in the Javelin, AMC offered the Pierre Cardin trim package as an option for 1972-73, which came with some unusual touches in the interior. This ’73 edition seems to be one of those rare-today cars, but it needs work, and the seller has priced it to move at $2,000. Located in Bridgeton, New Jersey, it’s available here on Facebook Marketplace. Thanks for the tip, AMXBrian.

The Javelin AMX Pierre Cardin Edition wasn’t the first time that AMC would partner with fashion designers. There was the Gucci Hornet Sportabout, Oleg Cassini Matador, and Levi Gremlins and Jeeps. AMC next came up with the Pierre Cardin package that was applied to 4,152 cars in two years, but the breakout for the AMX isn’t known. The Cardin design had multi-colored pleated stripes in red, plum, white, and silver on a black background. Six multi-colored stripes, in nylon fabric with a stain-resistant silicone finish, ran from the front seats, up the doors, onto the headliner, and down to the rear seats.

Only 5,707 AMX models were built in 1973, and just 1,420 had the 401 cubic inch V8 like in the seller’s car. If you were to drill down past old Pierre, this auto should be in some rare territory. The seller tells us the car has 42,000 miles (or 142,000?), a manual transmission, and needs work. Only two photos are provided and the red paint may have morphed to rose. The interior looks okay from what little we see, but the seller says the car needs work. For the price asked, we’re guessing it doesn’t run and there’s more wrong with the body than paint. The last photo here was lifted off the net as another example.



    $2,000.00? right.

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    • Ken Seas

      It’s a scam.

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  2. Don

    I smell scam. Look at the other cars he has listed for sale.

  3. CCFisher

    Seems like a screaming deal for what amounts to the ultimate Javelin AMX, but there are red flags all over this “dealer”s Facebook page. A very nice, gold 1978 Trans Am for $1900? A great 1991 Mustang 5.0 LX convertible for $1399? Also, all of the photos were taken in different locations, and none appear to be at a dealership.

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    • Steve Clinton


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    • Dave

      Superstorm Sandy survivors?

  4. Mark

    Coworker had one of this same edition and it was a kick to ride around in because it was so different. Same interior but the paint was more of a plum/purple. Rare version for sure.

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  5. Des Member


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  6. Steve R

    This car was featured on this site in March of this year. It was on eBay with a high bid of $21,889. It’s safe to say this is a scam.

    Hopefully there is no one desperate enough to find a “deal” that sends the “seller” a deposit.

    Steve R

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    • Terrry

      $21k for THAT? Sounds like two scams.

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      • GPAK

        For sure ! 👍🏽

  7. Daniel Wright

    Not a 401, the vin says it all, not a Z CODE

    • Gary James Lehman

      That “VIN” is no where near an AMC VIN. A bunch of made up numbers.

  9. Quinn

    Remove this scam

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  10. Scott doesn’t fall for scams

    This box I’m writing in says leave a comment. I figured just maybe the moderator of this site may read these comments. Scam. Scam scam scam. Did I mention it’s a scam? You would think this site would take the add down.

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    • Terry

      But then, any site that writes up a VW 24 window bus called a Samba wagon that has been reduced to pieces of rusty metal in several boxes, as being ” collectible”……

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  11. Dave Peterson

    This and the Donohue are holy grail to many AMC aficionado s. My personal white whale would be a dark green Rebel Machine.

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  12. Rustytech Member

    I have seen many adds like this with ridiculously low prices that turn out to be only the requested deposit, or down payment. I would run as fast as I could from this “deal”!

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  13. Loy

    I had a good friend who had a 1970 AMX. It was a two place car with no back seat.

  14. tom

    Facebook Market place is FULL of scams with ridiculous low prices. I have reported many and after only 6 weeks they get taken down (note – SARCASM) Be VERY careful buying from the sites. Scammers or outright robbery are not uncommon

  15. Howie Mueler

    Only 2 photos? Good One!!

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  16. Mark

    In a search for the company, it shows as “Permanently Closed.” It also has 8 comments , which all call it out as a scam.

  17. G.G.

    Because I was curious, I followed through on communicating with the “owner”. Yep, you guessed it. Classic scam. It’s so cheap because “her husband passed away recently and doesn’t want any more bad memories”.
    The “owner” wants to go through Ebay Services for payment because she “recently moved out of state”. Ebay doesn’t do this sort of thing. Total scam, sad to say, especially for a diamond in the rough like this one.

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  18. Alan Member

    It’s a phishing scam, same old nut of a grieving widow:

    Hi ,
    So as I was telling you in my first email, we are now living in Augusta, Maine to get some peace of mind. I have to focus on my daughter’s needs and make this transition less frightening than already is. That’s why I chose to deal with eBay because it allows me to take care of things easily. The vehicle is now sitting in ME as well, at an eBay storage facility. With eBay, I can send it to you for 5 days to try it out, while they keep your money in a trust fund account. If after the 5th day you want it, they release the money to me, if not, you send it back for free and get your money back as well. The shipping is free. If you want to hear more details on it, please send me your full name, address, with the zip code and phone number. I will have eBay to send you the invoice, which is proof of legal and safety measures taken in this transaction. I hope to get your info and thank you for your understanding. My hubby took very well care of the vehicle and I hope it ends in good hands!
    > On 08/20/2021 2:10 PM
    > Yes, I’d prefer to use eBay services as well. The problem is that it’s not yet posted on eBay for me to buy.
    > —
    > Best regards,
    > Alan
    > On 2021-08-20 6:45 a.m., Kathleen R White wrote:
    >> Hello!
    >> I am the owner of the 1973 AMC AMX Pierre Cardin. I had it advertised nationwide through Facebook Marketplace. It is still available for sale. It has 42,437 miles and clean title. It has an 401 V8 engine, gasoline fuel and manual transmission. 4 speed manual HURST shifter, Power steering, Power Brake, Air conditioning, Rare Vinyl top. I am selling it at this final price of $2,000 because my husband passed away last month and it brings me a lot of bad memories and that’s the reason I want to sell it asap… I also got a new job and moved to Augusta, ME and many other things have priority now so it has to go. I attached you some photos. I want to use eBay Services for both our safety, so if you’re interested in purchasing this vehicle just email me your full name, address including the zip code and phone number. I will inform eBay that you are selected as my possible buyer and they will contact you to explain the entire procedure.
    >> I look forward to your answer.
    >> Thank you”

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