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Utah Warehouse Find: 1966 Porsche 911

Back in March we featured a warehouse that was packed full of interesting projects. Well, we were just alerted by BF regular Daren of a KSL listing that confirms that many of the cars are still for sale, including this 1966 Porsche 911. According to the ad the car has been in storage for the last twenty years and is being offered along with the whole collection of cars and tools. This could be a good chance for Utah barn finders to pickup a winter project.

Twenty grand may seem like a lot of money for a 911 in this condition, but these early cars are very sought after and can go for big money these days. Supposedly the engine was gone through a few years back, but we would want to see some receipts to confirm that before presenting the cash. There is also another ’66 body that you may be able to work into a package deal.

Besides the Porsches, there is quite an assortment of vehicles inside. Triumph, Sunbeam, Lincoln, Volvo, Mercedes, and Jaguar are just a few of the makes represented. Take a look at our original post to get a better idea of what’s in there. If you are in the area, please go take a look and report back. A special thanks goes out to Daren sending this in.


  1. Avatar photo Rancho Bella

    $23K plus another, what? 30 to 50K. I would never think the engine is “good to go” on someones word other than the guy that does Porsche engines for a living.

    Since I am not a person of all trades much of this needs to be farmed out. Do I desire an early 911?……oh heck ya’. But I will never pay that kind of money. They are fun…but not that much fun. And they do not drive like an old Lotus……..nothing does.

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  2. Avatar photo scot c

    ~ ten-4. not of much interest to me at this price. but it there are a lot of possible treasures in this mix.

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  3. Avatar photo TMP

    $10k overpriced…….or at least in my opinion.

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  4. Avatar photo skloon

    I was excited, then I saw it, warehouse or landfill ?

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  5. Avatar photo ED

    if it was a twin tubo s model then yes i just fix a 1997 Porsche twin tubo S MODEL that had rolled about 6 time and then slided on it top for about 100 fee which most of the car is 911 but the quarter panel you can,t get anymore that where the air come in for the tubo it has a scoop on the panel side

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  6. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    “The engine was completely gone through a few years ago. This car has been in storage for the past 20+ years.”

    As if those two contradictory statements aren’t enough, the photos confirm that there is close to nothing to be believed here.

    The unfortunate but I guess inevitable result of a big surge in the values of old cars is that some people think that automatically their car will sell for many times its actual worth no matter how bad their presentation is. This presentation says nothing useful and believable about the car that’s for sale here.

    But it sure seems like they’re excited about all those cars they have on their hands. I can’t wait to see the other sales pitches that come out of this “car collection”, which just happens to be under piles of dust and junk at the moment.

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  7. Avatar photo xtian999

    Worth a look see.

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  8. Avatar photo Ian @ Jewel or Jalopy

    It’s no wonder these are all still available, the owner is way optimistic about the values.

    But if anyone is interested someone needs to inspect these in person. Anybody local willing to go check it out? If so you should also sign up at http://www.jewelorjalopy.com

    Back to prices… I can pick up a running/driving P1800 for about $5k here in Portland, no way I’m paying $3k for a non-runner that’s likely missing a bunch of parts. $1k max.

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  9. Avatar photo Jeff

    20K+, maybe for a 356 in this condition. Pass!

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  10. Avatar photo Chris

    The most frustrating words I hear on a regular basis are: “Not for sale, I’m going to restore it someday”. Yeah, right. This one is lucky if it ends up a spares car. Look at the rust in the last picture. That’s just what you can see.

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  11. Avatar photo Robert Spinello

    I’d buy the ’76 912E for under $10k. and the 2.0 engine is cheap to fix if it isn’t good to go. Road & Track praised the car saying better handling than the 911 for the the expense of the 2.7 engine. The 2.0 EFI engine is not too slow – (0-60 10.0 sec,) Early 911s need engine overhauls often. the 912E was available in the US only. and only 2000 were made. Appreciation is certain but they’re still reasonable now.

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