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4×4 Project: 1975 Ford Granada

Ford introduced the Granada in 1975 as an upscale compact car slotted between the Maverick and Torino. Two million examples were produced over two generations through 1982. Whether the Granada or the Bronco came first here, this Granada body is now sitting on a Bronco frame, creating a one-of-a-kind (???) Granada 4X4. Located in Williamsburg, Virginia, this unfinished project is available here on Facebook Marketplace for $1,700. Thanks, Chuck Foster, for the heads up on this one!

Since we’re told this car is currently titled a Granada, we’ll start there. By 1975, the Maverick was aging, and it didn’t appeal to buyers looking for some amenities in their compact. Enter the Granada and its Mercury counterpart, the Monarch. As was the case with many late 1970s cars, the Granada isn’t known for build quality or longevity. For reasons unknown, the seller (or a predecessor) decided to remove this ’75 Granada body from its frame and transfer it to that of a Ford Bronco to convert to a four-wheel-drive. No mention is made as to how well this transformation went except that the steering is hooked up while the body is not yet mounted.

The 302 V8 has just 150 miles on it. It’s said to have 351 heads, but we don’t know if the motor is original to the Granada, the Bronco, or if it even matters. From what we can tell, the body and interior look okay, though the dash pad is cracked and the carpeting dirty or worn. The seller says it has an automatic transmission, but we’re wondering if the 4X4 didn’t bring with it a 4-speed manual. Naturally, it has 35-inch mud bogger tires on each corner. This is an interesting project, but it begs a simple question: why?


  1. Mark


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  2. CCFisher

    How do you destroy the value in two collector vehicles at once? This.

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  3. Steve Clinton

    Jethro didn’t understand why no females would ride in his Granada. It could be because they couldn’t reach the door.

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  4. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Body isn’t hooked up. It was all going so well until Billy-Bobby realized nothing lined up

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  5. Arby

    Why are the windows all steamed up?
    Something going on inside?

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  6. Jim

    More rednecks with too much time and too many Budweisers.

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    • Peter k

      Dats butt lite bub

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  7. Keith Olsen

    I agree, two collector vehicles destroyed at the same time

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  8. CraigR

    Good luck transporting it with the body not hooked up.

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    • Mark

      It can be bungee corded to the trailer🤣

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  9. Dave

    At least the Granada is interesting now

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  10. Tony T

    “Armorall-ed” tars …

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  11. Vance

    Lets get a few things clear, a Granada is not a collector’s car or classic. Secondly, this guy has 3 first names on his birth certificate, or at least 2 like Ricky Bobby. This guy also drinks Natural Light or the equivalent (Budweiser is for the holidays). And depending on the health of the four wheel drive, why even attempt putting a car body on it at all? We all recall the commercials, ” This is you brain (an egg ), this is your brain on drugs (an image of this vehicle), ” get the picture?” Some people, you just can’t reach. I just don’t understand the thought process.

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    • Keith Olsen

      I humbly disagree, there are many who buy (and love) Granada’s & Monarch’s. It’s all relative in the final estimation. Peace

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  12. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    I’m sorry to read that the seller is from the great commonwealth of Virginia. My home state. Even more startling, the car is only an hour away from where I grew up (when the Granada was new). Once seen, cannot unsee this abhorrence. 150 miles on the motor? Probably because he couldn’t get it to move under its own power for very long.

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  13. Arthur Brown

    Its not hooked up because the Granada was a unit body car, not a body on frame. It was, in fact, probably the largest car built on the Falcon floor pan, as was the Mustang, the aero T-bird (which was focus group tested as a Granada, but renamed by the public), the LTD II and, of course, the Falcon. The ’77 model I had had the F100 drive train transplanted to be the fuel mileage special sold to fleet buyers after the Pinto was canceled. Did it work. My personal best was 32 MPG between St.Louis and Birmingham (on a single tank of gas). This one will probably use more fuel.

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  14. Joe

    His parents were brother and sister.

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  15. Tony Poanessa


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  16. Keith Olsen

    Saw a Granada coup here that was snatched up rather quickly for top dollar too.

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    And it’s sold! Now I’ll be bummed the rest of the day. Perfect Lake Havasu cruiser.

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  18. Howie Mueler

    It is just lawn art.

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  19. KC John Member

    I have to admit that I kinda dig these goofball 4×4 rigs. But my favorite part here is the steering is hooked up but not the body. Come on Man. If you’re gonna do this at least have enough pride in your work to make it one piece.

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  20. Robt

    Looks like I’m a company of 1 here. I love this thing. Nicest looking Granada I’ve ever seen. Grew up with granadas and never understood their ‘reason to be’.
    But as a monster tire 4 be 4 I love it. I’m only sad that it sold before I saw this posting. Which is saying something, like someone else is of like mind?
    Granted the thing is a total project. But the fact that somebody placed this body on top of that chassis gives me all kinds of ideas.
    And no, in my opinion neither the Granada nor the bronco are exactly collectibles. Bronco I’m guess is 70’s or 80’s. Nice enough but nothing to write home about.
    If you can see it you can do it. I’d have loved to get a closer look at this project!

  21. Brett Lane

    Hey, let’s have another beer. I got a great idea. Fire up my torch Jed.

  22. Neal

    A fun monster project.
    Just a clarification fr the write up: nobody removed this Grenada “body from its frame” because it is a unibody design. But I’m sure they did a great job hacking off the drivetrain.

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  23. Bill

    If this is a barn find please, put it back. Then, torch the barn

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  24. Bill

    It’s very interesting, but on a 302 you have to change the oil pan every 5000 MI because they rusted through. And 150 horsepower to turn those tires man I’d HATE to get that thing in the snow.

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  25. Mick

    Is that what they call a G-wagon?

  26. Kevin

    Personal insults just keep bantering about,perhaps that’s why I’m not a member!,just saying guy’s,Frankenstein cars been around forever,granadas are never going to be big money cars,Broncos…thats another story,its body probably rotted away like so many did,and this turd was available to lay on top!

  27. Dwcisme

    Why? Why not? If you had a D.O.A. Bronco and a D.O.A. Granada, some extra time on your hands and a dream, have at it. Too bad he couldn’t see it to the finish line. I don’t see any difference between this concept and a Rat Rod. The guy who did our company’s plowing back in the dark ages, grafted a Pinto onto a CJ5 (I believe, may have been an M) chassis. He did a first rate job and it was quite cool.

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