60-Year Collection For Sale In Washington!

We here at Barn Finds drool over collections like this, a gold mine of rare parts that are listed for sale here on craigslist near Chattaroy, Washington. It’s hard to say just how many cars are here, but it’s said to be the product of 60 years of collecting. Big thanks to Ikey Heyman for turning us on to this listing!

Looking at the handful of pictures, and reading the description, we see Studebakers, Chrysler/Plymouth/DeSoto, General Motors and Rambler products, but a distinct lack of Fords. It would seem the seller’s Dad didn’t care much for the Blue Oval.

They have all been out in the weather for what looks like quite a long time, but the seller tells us that the lowest-priced vehicle is $500. Some apparently have paperwork, others do not. They would all need complete restorations, and just a quick scan of the rest of the yard in the background tells me that there are quite a few more interesting hulks that aren’t mentioned in the description. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most of them are better for parts at this point.

Need stainless trim for your Christine tribute? They have some. Brightwork bits for a ’49 Olds? There’s some there. If I needed parts for one of the vehicles mentioned in the ad, I would be on the next flight to Spokane, arranging transportation on the in-flight WiFi service. Have you ever been to a place like this? I have, and I find it to be a fascinating experience. So who here is going to go wonder around this place that can report back on how it looks in person?


  1. Steve R

    It’s nice that he showing pictures of the $500 parts cars, I hope he lists the good stuff soon.

    Steve R

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  2. healeydays

    If this is the guy I think it is, I sold him a 56 Plymouth Savoy when I got out of the service as I didn’t want to try to drive it back to the east coast.

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  3. tompepper

    Sounds like my grand dad.He once was known to have said,you can have a field full of Studebakers, Chrysler/Plymouth/DeSoto, General Motors and Rambler products, and you have a nice parts yard. Put 1 Ford there and you now have a junk yard.

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    • scottymac

      Because the Ford has so much class and quality, makes every thing else look like junk?

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  4. h60memo

    Do I see a Comet?

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    • karl

      Well spotted ! I guess there are a few FoMoCo products lurking in the yard

  5. Chevy Guy

    Smart man, this guy was. No fords!

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  6. Rube Goldberg Member

    Again, with a few exceptions, this stuff isn’t going anywhere, except to the shredder in a few more years. If people want a ’57 Plymouth, or a ’49 Olds, they will probably try and find a decent one, if any, and with the cost of restorations today, I highly doubt anyone is restoring cars like these.

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  7. JerryDeeWrench

    Looks like a surplus of doors

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  8. dawn nettleton

    my Dad had a 1952 Stude 2 door hard top. V8, 3 speed with OD… he loved it. i wish i had it…. Don

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    • Little_Cars

      Chrome and glass all looks superb. I’ve never seen a Studebaker from these years with a hardtop…looks quite stylish — sort of like a 51-52 Chevy roof but with a raked windshield. Oh wait there’s two of these on the property! No bullet nose makes that Stude look downright modern.

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  9. Miguel

    What a shame to see so many majestic cars in that condition.

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  10. Martin

    Most of those cars will be completely rust free. The Spokane area is about the best place in North America to find projects. I would much rather drag one of these home and fix the mechanicals than start cutting rusty panels apart.

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  11. 71FXSuperGlide

    The Rambler wagon hood next to the 4 door Olds is completely crumpled, but the rest of the front end appears untouched. Weird.

    I’m sure these are in a lot better shape rust wise than other parts of the country, at least.

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  12. don

    Like Rube Goldberg said , most , if not all of these wont get sold . True, they may be fairly rust free,but to restore one of these cars you would still have to replace everything , and the cars you can see aren’t exactly on top of the ‘must have list” ; most seem to be 4 door sedans – not the most popular body style for most people.On top of that, you have to figure they ended up in a junkyard for a reason ;bad motor, trans etc , and then they sat for 50 years or so getting picked over, so thats just more that needs to be replaced . I see only parts cars there , but are the parts wanted ? If you need a left rear door molding for a 57 Belvedere , would you pay $500 plus shipping, etc , or just find a junkyard that will sell just the part ? If the seller really wants the cars gone, he should post them individually at $500 each on Ebay and take what he can get for them.

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  13. theGasHole

    Interesting to see that he’s selling the whole collection. These cars have been posted, ad nauseam, for years on the Spokane CL. All of these are, at best, parts cars if you need a door or a bumper or front fender. There is nothing here that I’ve ever seen that you would actually want to restore. Most are 4 door, low end models, that have been harvested of most of their useful parts long, long ago.

  14. erik johnston

    I live in Spokane and see the ads all the time. Spoke with the guy,nice,but would only sell cars whole. Some day soon I would love to walk through. I belive most are good doner stuff. He even said that.

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