Million Dollar Barn Find! 300 Car Collection Uncovered

One of my favorite YouTube channels is AMMO NYC, which regularly features the cosmetic revival of long-neglected cars and trucks. Of course, it helps that the channel owner has developed a pretty comprehensive lineup of detailing products to feature in these rejuvenations (one of those, Why didn’t I think of that moments), but they must be effective considering the massive collection he’s been asked to prepare for sale. It’s 300 cars hidden across three warehouses full of American and European classics, along with race cars, hot rods, and more. Check out the full video here on Ammo NYC’s YouTube channel.

Obviously, details about the collection owner and location are not disclosed, other than to mention that the individual began buying cars in his teens. Basically, if you had the ability to buy classic race and hobby cars as a teenager and never have to sell them, this is what you end up with. If you watch the video, you’ll see cars like this Superbird are far from the most interesting cars in the collection. The top photo shows the range of classics, from a ‘Cuda convertible to what looks like a genuine AC Cobra, with what I think is a Lamborghini Jalpa and 400GT, as well as an Acura NSX. What else do you see?

The star of the video is this Bizzarrini P538, which was one of the vehicles the owner asked AMMO NYC to detail in prep for sale. It’s been in storage for 32 years, which helps explain why this Chevy-powered exotic wasn’t destroyed during a competitive driving event, or just general hooning as it became a second-hand sports car in the 70s. It’s parked next to a Ferrari-powered Noble, which basically captures perfectly just how off the charts this collection is. Definitely check out the video to see the transformation of the Bizzarrini, which still looks stunning underneath the layers of dust and grime.

Now, this 1-of-4 Oldsmobile Aurora GTS-1 may give us some clues as to the origins of this collection. GM produced four factory-backed cars, and in addition to just looking flat-out incredible, they enjoyed impressive levels of success in major racing events. What’s curious is there’s one for sale right now for $295,000 here on the Savanah Race Engineering website – which features a gallery of presumably company-owned cars, with a Bizzarrini P538 among them. Is a major engine-building company the owner? Time will tell. Regardless, this is an amazing find, and it will be fun to watch the other cars come to light.

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  1. mainlymuscle

    If it sounds too good to be true……
    It would not come as a surprise, that this feature was originally published 2 days ago !
    IF , I’m wrong ? OH MY ,what a find !

  2. Eric B

    Yes, shout out to AMMO NYC!!! Great channel! A lot people should check it out to see what can be done to restore old paint. There’s still a lot of people out there for some reason that want to throw away time and money while also losing the originality of their cars/sometimes even hurting their value and ruining the environment.

    • jerry z

      I watched the video of them cleaning the Bizzarrini and the collection is epic. I can’t wait to see the other detailing videos of the cars in the warehouse.

  3. dave


  4. Michael Streuly

    Very cool

  5. Jim in FL

    I subscribe to the AMMO NYC channel. His videos are well produced and are a great example of what common sense, quality products and taking your time can do in a detail. This guy has been doing it for years and this is a great payoff. I have to imagine he charges at least $1000 or so a car, so this is a 300k project that he’s earned. Every car in the video is more interesting than the last.

    Sounds like they are going to piece out the collection rather than go all at once. I hope someone does keep track – I would love to know the exact cars this collecter, well collected over their life.

    • Jeff Lavery Jeff Lavery Staff

      Yeah, he does a great job. It’s informative, no fake drama, informational, and great subject material. He’s a pro and deserves all the success that’s coming to him.

      • RayT Member

        Jeff, I just wish I had one of these rides to turn him loose on!

  6. Lbpa18

    300 cars. Thats going to take a lot of guys detailing. Lots of guys to train. Lots of guys who then become your competition. Hmmm.

  7. CJinSD

    I knew a guy about 40 years ago who wasn’t shy about owning a P538, allowing it to be featured in a glossy magazine portraying how glamorous the county surrounding the City of Hate was at the time. He also told me he had twenty-something Lamborghinis and twenty-odd Maseratis. I saw him parting out Quattroporte I’s and Fiat Dinos that were serviceable cars which weren’t worth the price of their Veglia gauges and Magneti Marelli light housings, usable in restoring Ghiblis and V12 Ferraris. He was also in the process of trying to corner the markets for Toyota 2000GTs and two-seat AMC AMXs. I suspect he’s the mystery collector, as his collection went underground when he became part of the climate hoax.

    • CJinSD

      I was apparently wrong. A little research revealed that the guy I knew owned P538 #001 until 1995, so I doubt he had #003 and #004 sitting around in a warehouse.

  8. brianashe Member

    Tons of simply amazing cars are shown in the video, but if I could take just one, it would be the Ferrari 288 GTO.

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