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Mopar Mausoleum


We have featured large stashes of Mustangs, Studebakers, and even Corvairs, but this is our first Mopar graveyard. There are multiple cars parked behind this building in Hershey, Pennsylvania and the owner would like to get rid of them all. Even though they are not good for anything more than parts, the photos are intriguing, in a morbid way. Here are the eBay listings for this 1974 Dodge Challenger 318 Rallye and the rest of the cars. Thanks goes to Jim S. for the submission.


Next up we have a 1976 Plymouth Road Runner Volare. The seller states that it is rusty and beyond repair. We probably wouldn’t want one of these in good shape anyway, but we are sure there are a few good parts there for someone who actually wants to keep one of these out of the mortuary.


This 1972 Dodge Charger isn’t much more desirable than the Road Runner. Also a 318/auto car, but the engine and transmission are long gone. Those wire rims in the foreground must be worth something, right?


Here is a 1973 Dodge Challenger that is showing some gangrene. It was originally a 318/manual car that was being setup for drag racing. They obviously never finished the project, so here it sits in the Chrysler crypt.


Another Challenger, but this one is from 1970. Less mold, but still not much there worth saving. Surprisingly there are a few bids though so someone obviously wants it.


Finally, our favorite in the Mopar Mausoleum, a 1970 Dodge Challenger RT/SE. The color was originally Plum Crazy and it had a 383 attached to a 4-speed manual. We doubt it can be saved, but it does give us a glimmer of hope. Which car cadaver here do you think is worth bringing back to life?


  1. Jim Mosley

    None of the above thanks.

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  2. Horse Radish

    Decent of the guy to give everybody 30 days’ notice before they get crushed.
    What a sad sight.

    TMI at this point.

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    • Randy R

      it was sad to see but none got crushed those that didn’t sell are in my salvage yard were they will be used to the last part I am a non crush yard

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  3. paul

    Another, what a waste, never was a Mopar guy, but non the less, what a waste.

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    • paul

      But I love the shot of the tree growing between the radiator support & the bumper.

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    A grown man isn’t supposed to cry…

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  5. Bernie H.

    Hey, do you suppose that if I shoved them all into a big bag, shook it vigerously, and dumped it out, that maybe a complete car would appear??? wait a minute, I must be dreaming!! Ya gotta’ give the guy credit for at least offering them for parts. Better than hoarding them and “I’M GONNA RESTORE THEM AFTER I RETIRE”.

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  6. Tricky Dickie Member

    Hey, Whattayou talking here anyway? A roll of duct tape, a bottle of Armoural and a spritz here and there with WD-40 and I BET you could come up with a 30 point car !!

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    • Jay.W.S

      The vin plate and titles are worth $ if nothing else, I’m on search of a dash board and a couple other odds and ends FOR a 69 challenger !ANYONE CAN HELP?

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    • Dave A

      More like three. You know like a triangle you can call “ya all” to supper.

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  7. Sunbeamdon

    Torch the Mopars – SAVE THE TREE!

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  8. David

    Everyone who has ever approached someone about their car or truck rusting and rotting away only to be rebuked with the old “I’m going to fix it up one of these days….” should print out the pictures above and show these procrastinators what the future is for precious future project.

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    • Horse Radish

      On the flip side of that argument I should take a photo of every cheap skate that stops in front of my house asking this and asking that, but NO money in his pocket.
      I guess for every desirable car rotting away there is probably at least 5 guys out there that should h\ave made a better offer.
      These ended up as parts cars, because nobody wanted to step up to the plate ?.
      That simple !

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  9. Bryan Cohn

    Yet another car hoarder who is out of his mind. That several of the cars have bids on them just show us that there truly is an ass for every seat…..

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  10. Blindmarc

    These should have been sold 20 years ago. Now they are only worth scrap. In fact the cost of pulling them out to the scrapyard may be more than you’d get for them.

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  11. Postmandougie

    Give the guy credit for trying to find someone willing to pay for the privelege of hauling away his garbage…

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  12. Darren

    The nerve of this guy! He stripped them all down and left them to rot, and now he wants someone to pay him to clean up behind his building!

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  13. T5Copper

    Some of you must be Ford or Chevy guys..news flash..E-bodies are usually very much worth restoring..thats the nature of the hobby, sometimes you deal with more structural and body repairs than others, if you know what youre doing..if I could I would take them all..mopars are going quick..especially with TV shows such as Graveyard cars alerting everyone to the values of these..putting everyone in a frenzy..Graveyard cars is a great show by the way..Mopar or no car.

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    • Larry

      T5Copper, I agree with you, that is that graveyard cars is a great show. but I think even those guy’s wouldn’t want anything to do with these cars. Sorry but they are just to far gone. Oh yea,I love ALL classic cars, Mopar, chevy, ford, amc and so on.

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  14. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    Wow, these cars all sold! Surprisingly they all had at least one bid. Here is the breakdown:

    1974 Challenger – $250 (2 bids)
    1976 Road Runner – $300 (9 bids)
    1972 Charger – $250 (1 bid)
    1973 Challenger – $450 (1 bid)
    1970 Challenger – $410 (19 bids)
    1970 Challenger RT – $1,102.77 (36 bids)!

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  15. Randy R

    just to let everyone know the ones that didn’t sell or sold to non paying buyers have been hauled to my salvage yard ,were they will be used to the last part we can get off them. Nothing will go wasted , these cars were parts cars long ago and he sold a lot of the parts to save others ,not all was lost look at the big picture they saved other cars and for those who say there is nothing left actually there are quite a bit of parts on them glass steering boxes suspension and a few body panels can be saved

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  16. Liam

    Well done to you Randy R for saving what you can and not crushing anything! Much respect Sir!

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  17. Fin Guy

    Hey Jay W S, bet a Million would not buy a 69 Challenger? When one comes up, lets bid it up together

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