Mopar Assortment In Florida!

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You know the expression, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, the seller here has nine interesting Chrysler products for sale but thinks he can get buyers interested with just two photos showing just three of the vehicles. The oldest is from 1967, while the newest was built in 2009 and they’re mostly muscle cars (with one luxury auto thrown in for good measure). These cars (and one truck) are available here on craigslist and in Pensacola, Florida for prices ranging between $2,500 and $55,000. Thanks for the heads up, Chuck Foster!

Rather than repeat what the seller has to say about the cars, let’s explore the three that a photo is available for. First up is a 1970 Dodge Challenger. This is an okay-looking black-on-black convertible that has a 440 cubic inch V8. It used to have a 318 and was formerly Burnt Orange in color. The paint could use refreshing, and the asking price is $55,000. Next is a 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda with a numbers-matching drivetrain. We’re told it’s one of 70 made, but the seller doesn’t describe that population. Out of commission for nearly 20 years, the asking price is also $55,000 (no title; bill of sale). And, finally, there’s a 1967 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S, the precursor to the ‘Cuda. It’s been disassembled (but to what extent?) and the asking price is $25 (but we think the seller means $2,500 or even $25,000). If any of this is of interest, you’ll need to hit “Ernie” up for more data and pics.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. stillrunners

    Yep….that Formula S car is 25K – I called……..

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  2. angliagt angliagtMember

    You think that they’d list each car seperartly,
    & the lack of a title raises red flags.

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  3. Motorcityman

    $2500 for a Formula S in your dreams! 😆

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    • stillrunners

      $25,000.00 and it’s disassembled ?

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  4. Srt8

    I read the ad and was trying to decide if he was selling a disassembled Formula S dash for $25 or the whole car for something north of that (and most likely $25k), Stillrunners provided the answer.

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    • stillrunners

      Me too…..without pictures of the car….I thought the same thing….PS he knows what he’s got…..just getting to old to restore the cars is what he told me.

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  5. erik johnston

    Thats a candy store if i ever saw one.

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  6. PJ

    some listings just have to make you laugh. “I’m not going to take a bunch of pictures”. My gut feeling is these cars are listed so poorly so he can at least tell the wife – “I’m trying to sell them, honey”

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  7. Robert White

    The guy is an anal hoarder that won’t part with anything for under far too much money. You’ve heard of tire kickers and this guy is the opposite of that on the sell side of fantasy land that exists in his head but not in reality.

    I wouldn’t even bother interacting with a seller that displays this sort of attitude.


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    • Riffraff

      Bob, you certainly hit the nail on the head with your assessment. I wouldn’t deal with this guy if he was my next door neighbor.

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  8. George Birth

    These cars are bargains……… for those with more money than brains.

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  9. john vititoe

    sounds like he has a bunch of rust buckets except for one or two.

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  10. george mattar

    30 years ago, this stuff would be in a you pull it yard

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