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Private Collection For Sale On Craigslist

A private collection of cars ranging from the 1920s to the 2010s is available here on craigslist. They are located in Orange County, California and all appear to be phenomenal originals or turn-key restorations. Interested parties will have to contact the seller for more details and pricing on each of the cars.

There are 13 cars listed for sale, although the video provided appears to show even more automobiles. So perhaps the seller is thinning the herd rather than getting out of the collector hobby/business. There are seven Chevrolets, three Fords, one Plymouth, one Dodge and one Lincoln. Broken out by time period, there is one from the 1920s, one from the 1940s, five from the 1950s, three from the 1960s, two from the 1970s and one from the 2010s.


1946 Chevy Style Master – nice body with a new interior

1954 Chevy Bel Air – convertible with rust-free body, nice interior, and new top; inline-six cylinder with Powerglide

1955 Chevy Nomad – original with only 19,000 miles; 265 V-8 with Powerglide

1957 Chevy Bel Air – two-door coupe with just 21,000 miles; rebuilt 283 V-8 with upgraded carb and exhaust and Powerglide; American Torque Thrust wheels with new tires

1960 Chevy Impala – original 348 V-8 with Tri-Power set-up, 3-speed manual, and posi-traction rear end with sway bar

1967 Chevy Corvette – convertible resto-mod, frame-off completed in 2020; many upgraded parts and components; finished in PPG Barlow Red with a black Stinger hood

1970 Chevy Chevelle SS 454 – with original 450 hp L56 engine; unrestored survivor with 64,000 miles


1929 Lincoln Roadster Model L – with V-8 engine and one of just 151 built

1955 Ford Thunderbird – comes with numbers-matching Y-Block 292 V-8 and Ford-O-Matic; exterior is finished in Torch Red with removable factory hard-top

1965 Ford Mustang – Shelby Cobra 427 engine with 5-speed; white with blue stripes and black interior; this is a clone/tribute car

2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt – 480 hp motor with 6-speed and GT sport package; just 1,500 miles; dark green with black interior


1959 Plymouth Sport Fury – two-door hardtop with numbers-matching factory rebuilt 318 V-8 and Pushbutton TorqueFlite; just 2,000 miles since the work was done; has new dual exhaust and air shocks

1971 Challenger R/T – 426 Hemi convertible with shaker hood, auto transmission; black on white; 1 of 12 built; this could be the pick of the litter!

So, if you’d like to add one of these fabulous cars to your collection, you may want to act fast. It would hard to believe that craigslist is the only place they are listed. Thanks to TaylorW for the heads up on this assembly of great cars.


  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    ’59 Sport Fury for me! All hail Virgil Exner!

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    • Will Fox

      They can keep the Hemi Challenger; not even my style. I’d pick this `59 Sport Fury any day of the week!

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    • Mark C

      That was my pick and I thought I was the oddball. Looks like Exner has plenty of fans!

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  2. Snotty

    Lot’s of folks sellin lots of cars. What’s goin on?

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    • IkeyHeyman

      Older dudes, heading for the exit.

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      • Phlathead Phil

        No kidding. Health issues and aging.

        Someone said it best years ago, “We are not owners of these cars, we are only TEMPORARY custodians.”

        Cheers to those who preserve cars like these for future children.

        Fast Forward year 5029; “Hey Joe, what are those four discs on the bottom part of the car.”

        Joe: “ I think they called ‘em wheels.”

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      • Mountainwoodie

        This elevator going down!

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      • 370zpp 370zpp Member

        As the saying goes, Ever seen a hearse with a trailer hitch?

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    • William

      How can you appreciate this many cars? Never have enough time to drive them all. What is he/she going to do with all that money? Pass it out on the street corner, no doubt, to the needy. yeah, that must be it. The man had a change of heart.

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      • markp

        I could definitely find a way to appreciate all those cars.

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      • Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

        I often wonder about this too. I know how much time/effort it takes to keep my small collection clean and functional, driving each one, and doing some work/upgrades on them. For a bigger collection, the “hobby” would quickly become a full-time job, essentially.

        For big (25+) collections I have visited, almost all have at least one paid caretaker. If one has the means to have a big collection, typically they have the means to employ caretaker(s).

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      • Steve Clinton

        Who are we to judge why owners buy and keep collector cars? I say more power 9steering) to them!

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      • Steve Clinton

        OOPS! (steering)

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    • Will Fox

      It’s CA., so maybe these folks are fixing to leave the state!! CA. is losing it’s tax base with families moving away by droves! Just like WA., MN., and OR. And if so, I wish them the best, and a safe move!

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      • 70SuperSport

        Not true. Simply Google “[state] population growth” and you’ll see the west coast states continue to have strong growth.

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      • Steve R

        70SuperSport, the tax base is moving. There are many reasons, kids can’t afford houses, that causes them to move, their parents then follow when they retire or get grandchildren. They don’t like the deterioration of the living conditions, Google San Francisco or Los Angeles along with poop. That doesn’t include the many non-high tech companies that have left, especially manufacturing. These people are most often being replaced by under skilled and immigrants. The big cities with high tech companies look great on paper, many of the cities, especially in the interior of the state aren’t.

        Steve R

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      • Steve Clinton

        I live in the OC in CA and that is true. Those with money are leaving and are being replaced by immigrants without money. Just visit Santa Ana for proof.

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      • Mountainwoodie

        Gotta stand up for my adopted state :)

        You’re all correct in part. Mostly am radio screeds against the Chinese Bat Flu lockdowns by the Guvnor and the obvious increase in lower income folks of other ethnic varieties. Populations ebb and flow. Housing costs in California are of course freaking insane. But thats because people keep buying homes ( who can afford them) and drive the prices up. There is no housing widespread price collapse.

        That said, if I was a young guy moving to California as I did in the late seventies, I’d have a hard time making it. Harder than I did back then in the era of finely tuned hard bodies, sunshine and room to move. Now California resembles Iowa or something and the Beach Boys are working Indian casinos..separately :)

        But there are still great places to be found in California, out of the way and affordable. You just have to move away from the coast or head way north of San Francisco or East of San Diego.

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    • William

      Maybe they had an epiphany and want to fill the world with Prius.

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  3. dirtyharry

    I live close to this seller. He lives in or around Orange Park Acres. You could think of that, as a sort of “Beverly Hills” in Orange County. The wealthy that don’t have a multi-million dollar costal house, will go inland to get some space for cars and horses (or they have both).

    What is it they say (if you feel envy)? Hate the game but not the player. They have the same passion we all have and the bucks to fulfill that passion.

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  4. MoragaPulsar

    Irritating and poor way to sell cars – “You contact me for price” = fail.

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member


      I agree, sellers should always state the price. Also state if it’s a firm price or open for offers. As someone who was in the “old cars” business for 40+ years, selling everything from Studebaker Larks to Rolls-Royces, I always stated the price. When a person contacts me, I know they are more likely to buy the car, as they know the general price range.

  5. Ken Bagby

    I just don’t have enough $😢 that Chrysler was my daddies car! I’m guessing they dropped a big engine in the mustang. My brother order a 64 1/2 with Micky Thompson and pony interior 289-4v would slam your ass into the back seat when he got down on it! She was unreal! If your here to lecture us on how we spend our money PLEASE GO AWAY! We love old cars and I’ve got a couple I’m custodian to. I give to my church and volunteer for food missions. What do you do jerk? I’ll keep my 39 Plymouth PU my 65 Ranchero and 92 Subaru sambar. Don’t lecture me on how I spend my money!

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    • Steve Clinton

      So THERE!

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  6. Robert White

    The days of car shows is over forever. Selling collections now will yield some bucks, but if these collectors wait much monger the whole collectors car market will drop out of the floor.

    Buyers will soon realize that car shows are never going to come back and so the show n’ shine car market is bust in 2020.

    Small collections are still doable, but large collections are most assuredly a bye gone era.


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    • William

      I don’t understand your logic. Why no more car shows? Surely we will have a vaccine and next summer the shows will be back. Am I missing something here? I truly need my car shows, it has been a rough year without them. Also, what stops the wealthy among us from creating a large collection of cars?

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      • Steve R

        People want a return to normalcy. Car shows will be back when an effective vaccine is readily available. Shows might even come back stronger than before. The local drag strip reopened at the end of august and the weekly car counts have been up by 30-50%. People are tired of being stuck at home, that will foster an inner drive to get out and do thing. That won’t go away anytime soon.

        Steve R

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      • Robert White

        SARS-2-nCoV-19 is an rDNA retrovirus without antidote. Moreover, no known retroviruses currently have developed vaccines or 100% effective therapeutics.

        I’m a signatory and charter member of the 2014 Cambridge Working Group Call-to-Action on Gain-of-Function Dual Use deadly USA manufactured Pandemic Pathogens that are man made in biosecurity level four laboratories.

        I signed for Carleton University back in 2014.

        My name is Robert Gordon White and the website lists all the signatories and charter members.

        Car shows won’t be back until the entire world is cured of the COVID-19 disease. And that depends on the efficacy of the vaccine developed, but no vaccine has been developed as of yet.

        The average time it takes to develop a vaccine for viruses other than novel Coronavirus or the retroviruses like AIDS, SARS, MERS et cetera is approximately 10 years at best.


      • William

        @SteveR, Where do you live? Here on the prairie the virus has gone crazy, they are shutting things down left and right. I wish it wasn’t so, but it is what it is. If you can watch the drag races, good for you, wish it was me. Just be safe out there guys. This is serious stuff, and us old timers would like to be around a little while longer to see a few more car shows.

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  7. Phil hall

    This guy lived my dream

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  8. tom

    Fortunately Robert White you are wrong about car shows. As soon as our crooked governor opens up our state, you will see car shows in Cali.

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  9. Rex Kahrs Member

    Once again I need to mention that the rule is NO POLITICS. Lord knows if I started talking about Chump, there would be an outcry and my post would be removed.

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    • William

      Agreed, political talk is everywhere, this is a place to get away from it all. I hope the readers here would indeed partake in political discussions (as is their responsibility as citizens), but here is just ruins the site. (By the way, who is this Chump person you speak of? Is that a term of endearment or despair? Wonder what the crowd here thinks of this person?)

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      • Steve R

        Maybe you should heed your own advice.

        Steve R

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    • Steve Clinton

      Well, aren’t you clever!

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      • Steve R

        Ken Jennings is back, new name (again), old tired rhetoric.

        Steve R

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  10. rjc

    Wrong , car shows happening every weekend.

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  11. Robin Baker

    Huh, my comment didn’t show up! I wanted to raise the point that the CA governor signed an Executive Order that will make internal combustion engines unwelcome in CA as of 2035; When you are no longer able to purchase this type of vehicle, it won’t be long at all before you cannot buy fuel for the grandfathered vehicles with this type of engine, and where will the owners be then? What good is a car that you can’t move from your driveway? I’m betting that’s why so many are selling their babies in CA lately; Well, that and the cost to keep them legal there

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    • Ken

      Use corn!

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  12. Snotty

    I knew when I asked the question, why so many folks selling not just in ca. but everywhere in this great country of ours. I knew I would get a myriad of comments. I believe everyone can’t wait till normalcy returns there are feelings of uncertainty, heck that’s a big part of it.Thanks warp speed Along with viable reasons some posted, I think Robert Baker summed it up perfectly. And what happens in ca. spreads across the country. The only thing constant is change. God Bless.

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  13. V8roller

    We visited CA in 1992, sounds like it’s gone downhill some.

    Over here in the UK, the classic car market is on the slide. Certainly the older models, the generation that was comfortable with cable brakes and no heater is fading away. Some topline cars are an exception of course, but they don’t get driven very much. The classic car mags are full of adverts for climate-controlled car storage.

    Muscle cars still have an audience, someone described it as the boomers having a last lunge at the cars of their youth. Quite what the boomers do with them, I know not; the speed cameras, the speed limits, the excessive traffic due to our excessive and growing population, no place really to drive a muscle car.

    If you can remotely afford one of these beauts, buy it. We’re all a long time dead.


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  14. Wayne

    Wow, what a down group this morning. So I will through in my 2 cents worth. All over this world,things are in an uproar with this Covid crap. No one wants to die (including myself that is in the high risk demographics) or cause others to get sick. Everyone is hoping for a cure and normalcy. And we all do what we can in our own little ways to satisfy our own egos and mental health. So we all will just have to deal with it some more.
    As for the return of the car shows and competition events, they will return. (These are the same concerns and discussions that we all were having back in 1973-1974 with fuel availability and low horsepower due to crappy emissions controls.) The selling of car collections is an on going process as it has always been. We get older,sometimes wiser and not as healthy as we were many years ago. Vehicle values continue to fluctuate according to the age of the people who can afford to appreciate them. Just as we change in our appreciation of life. (Think about your views after having children) Our attitudes change in the automotive world. (I would never have even considered a 4 door or wagon anything.) But cruising with your life long friends who will now have a problem getting in and out of the back seat of your 2 door muscle car will sometimes change your point of view. (I really like that 4speed Mopar Wagon the other day!)
    Snotty, you are absolutley right about change. Besides us having to get used to and adapt to it. It also reminds us that we are getting older each day, and that we don’t necessarily want that to happen.
    I retired early so that I could play in the shop and have some fun on the track. It meant not as much money each month and that I would not be able to play “as hard” as I would like. But It also meant that I would have the time to at least play. Yes, the car situation in California is getting stupid. But no one says you have to live there. We make our choices to meet OUR OWN NEEDS AND DESIRES. In other words find a way to enjoy your habit/passion, and then Do It!

  15. KarlS

    On the subject of car shows in Southern California, The Donut Derelicts meet every Saturday morning in Huntington Beach. They have a live stream on their Facebook page.

  16. Gerry Rhoades

    The problem with the CA people moving to other states is they take their stupid voting habits with them and create new liberal hellholes. Look at Texas, gone liberal from all the CA transplants. Do everyone a favor and just stay in Cali.

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  17. Wayne

    Gerry Rhoades, 100% correct! Living in Nevada (next door to California) it is so true. They want to leave California, but then bring California with them. I moved from Illinois to get away from the taxes and stupid law makers.(and breakers where once done with a governors job they end up making licenses plates) And our state was a great place. Then the unions and Californians got together in Clark County (Las Vegas) and voted in a King Sissylack as governor and immediately started changing laws. (Which many counties have proclaimed a sanctuary county against the laws.) If you don’t like a place then LEAVE IT! Don’t bring it with you! Besides California style laws he now wants to sign Nevada onto the California motor vehicle emissions laws to help the fight that California is having with the EPA. Just so he will look good with the party. Using vehicle emissions/clean air as an excuse. (Clark County and Washoe county have issues at times. BUT, those counties have stricter emissions laws/inspections than California. So, adopting California laws will have a negative effect on those counties.

  18. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    Gerry Rhoades & Wayne,

    Please read the RULES NOTICE between where you post your comment and where you insert your email and name. That paragraph begins:

    “RULES: No Profanity, politics, or personal attacks . . .”

    Lets leave the politics for websites that allow or encourage political statements.

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    • KarlS

      IMHO, the car hobby IS political and if we don’t do something soon, we could stand to lose it. This forum might not be the best for this (SEMA maybe?) but we should never lose sight of the possibility that we might end up in a very car hobby unfriendly situation. I’m glad Nevada was brought up as I was thinking of moving there after 70 years in California. Now I don’t know.

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