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Big Estate Sale: Mostly Fords and Model Trains!

When I see an estate sale involving several cars, I always wonder how they came to be gathered in one location and why. Case-in-point is this group of 21 cars located in a huge garage on a large piece of property in Seaford, Delaware. Two-thirds of the cars are Ford’s, plus a couple of Mercury’s, so the collector was a fan of FOMOCO products. For the most part, they look in good condition and we’re guessing that many of them run. A ton of parts are also up for sale along with a mighty impressive collection of miniature trains. Thanks for finding this one for us here on Estate Sales, Bigcat!

This collection focuses on cars of the 1960s and 1970s, comprising 15 of the 21. But there’s a “T-Bucket” Ford roadster from the 1920s that differs from the rest of the group. There are three cars from the 1980s and two from the 1990s. The owner liked Mustangs, as there are seven of them in this bunch. There is no shortage of photos, with 332 pics provided to peak anyone’s interest. Some vehicles were taken outside for photos, while some were not (perhaps the running cars?). This is a sale where you’re probably going to have to show up in person to get the skinny on each car and the asking prices.

1923 Ford – this is the only customized car in the lot and there is probably an interesting story about how it came to be

1965 Ford Mustang Fastback – white in color; put some blue stripes on and it could pass for a Shelby Mustang

1965 Ford Thunderbird – dark green and appears to be a nice survivor

1966 Ford Mustang – convertible (Pony ?) edition with a white top and red paint; may have been restored

1966 Ford Mustang – navy blue or black coupe with fender insignia that suggests a 289 V8

1967 Ford Thunderbird – dark green and looks to be complete

1968 Ford Mustang Fastback – looks nice, but’s its light blue paint is faded

1968 Mercury Cougar XR7 – one of the nicest looking cars in the group and doesn’t wear the same amount of dust like some of the others

1969 Mercury Cougar – clearly a project car with seriously faded paint but could surprise you and run!

1970 Pontiac Firebird – an early second-generation edition that could pass for a Trans Am with the proper graphics

1973 AMC Javelin – bronze in color and looks to be partially disassembled; the grille and front bumper are off, and the seats may be sitting in a group next to the car

1973 Mercedes-Benz – one of the cars photographed in captivity in a corner

1976 FORD Cobra II – from the era of the Pinto-based Mustang II; this looks like it could be a project car with hints of rust and different colored sheet metal

1976 Ford Gran Torino Elite – black in color and similar in size to the T-Birds of the same era

1978 Ford Fairmont – not exactly a classic, the station wagon has multi-colored body panels suggesting an accident at some point and filled up with books and such

1978 Ford Thunderbird – this edition was from the era where T-Birds were big cars, much like the Lincoln-Mercury’s

1981 AMC Eagle SX4 – American Motors’ interesting off-road vehicle based on the Spirit, which was the successor to the Gremlin

1985 Ford Mustang GT – black in color and another nice car; it looks as though it may have a sunroof

1987 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe – dark blue in color; used a turbocharged 2.3-liter 4-cylinder engine with Ford’s EEC-IV electronic engine control system

1990 Dodge Daytona – black in color; examples of this generation were used in the IROC series (International Race of Champions)

1995 Ford Mustang – grey or blue drop-top that might shine up with a coat of wax

And finally, there are the model trains up for sale. I’m by no means an expert on them, but the collector certainly was as there seem to be hundreds of them in storage along with various sets complete with scenery and track. A true model train fan would probably have a field day looking through all these pieces, which we’d assume may include some rare or hard-to-find items.


  1. Will Fox

    The list consists of alot of cars nobody’s interested in. And alot of 70’s junk.

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    • AMCFAN

      Will, Maybe you shouldn’t be on here. The Javelin is wearing a 401 emblem. It is of note because it’s does not have the AMX package. Base 1973 with a 401 is very rare.With the lack of pics and incomplete vin cannot confirm.

      The 70 T/A is also rare. The fastback Mustangs are hardly junk. The Eagle, Fairmont 5.0 wagon I know guys into these. Lots of interesting vehicles. Nice collection and stored on plastic.

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  2. mike b

    With a range from a ’70 T/A to a Fairmount the collection is eclectic to say the least.

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  3. JWK

    Cougars look interesting

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  4. Rodney - GSM

    Gee, I would never call this junk. The cars are in 100% better shape than most of what shows up on BF. I think this guy cared about his cars. They are not piled on top of each other and he even put plastic under the cars to protect them from moisture (I am guessing). I don’t have plastic under my cars. The black 450SL is far from junk status. I think he was distracted by his trains….two mistresses.

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    • Kurt Member

      Both cheaper to support than the other kind!😉

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      • Rodney - GSM

        Yes, and I have never had a car call me up at 3:00 in the morning saying, “Where are you?”

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    • Eddie

      After the 70’s is when cars became junk. Today if its not Toyota or Honda it doesnt rate. Ford can barely make it in. Back in the day Ford tried to keep prices down for the average Joe. Now its all greed.

      • AMCFAN

        Eddie, The automotive landscape changed in the 1970’s and 1980’s. It had to. To call everything junk from that time period is one opinion. The American Automakers couldn’t sustain making land yachts and muscle cars forever.

        Blame the insurance companies in 1970 for the crack down. Blame the fuel crisis in the late 1970’s. Blame Detroit for having the wrong product for the market at the wrong time with poorly engineered vehicles. Thus giving the Asian automakers the foot hold in the American Market.

        That started the exodus of Japanese dominance in America. So much so are now made in the US when the American automakers vacated the US for cheap labor.

        If you want a Camaro or Corvette or Mustang you are in luck. If you want a Charger or 300 that is over 15 years old and on it’s last leg. You are in luck. Ford and GM quit building cars for us and left it for the Japanese to do. Today it means nothing to you but I am thankful to be able to enjoy a full size sedan. The Camry and Accord are one of the finest on the road and seem to get better. Power and 40 MPG.

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  5. Sam Shive

    Well Mr Fox, One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Lot’s of Sweet Cars here, and some of those trains look like they could put a nice size payment on any junk you might have or want.

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    • FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

      I had a buddy who collected Lionel trains and he had some real gems in his collection. He sold them all in the early ’90s and with the proceeds bought a new ’93 Mustang Cobra and a ’68 Shelby 500 Mustang.

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  6. Jim

    Some great cars here….HARDLY JUNK!

    The majority of them I’d love to have.

    Quite a good collection of toy trains, too!

    Can’t see where it says if it’s an auction, tag sale, or what…..but would be fun to attend.

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  7. NotchNut

    The 85 Mustang is a T-top car. The 68 Cougar with a 390 looks like a really good car. The fastback Mustangs also look like good cars.

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  8. Gary

    Love the trains! I wish I had more money during my years so as to been able to have a big layout, in huge G Scale too! When I was younger, there was an upscale eatery with a separate bar people waiting in until tables were ready for them. The bar was a restored one from the late 1800s, that alone was magnificent, but to top it off, they had a G Scale train that came out of the next room and ran on top of the back bar, then back into the rear room again. It always pleased our children so much! The locomotive was styled like an 1860s model (picture Lincolns funeral train), it just seemed to fit. That place is long gone, but I tried to bid on that model train at the auction they had when closing. Many people wanted it, I was out bid. Seemed there were a lot of others that were enthrall with it. So much to be joyful about in this world, so we can be distracted about some of the other ugly realities we need to deal with.

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  9. Tiberius1701

    The Fairmont wagon has a 5.0 EFI HO swap!!!

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  10. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    When I see a collection like this, I would like to hear the back story. Perhaps the owner simply saved models that he liked. Nothing wrong with that perspective and goal, and aren’t we glad that people have done just that. I like some of the cars here which “no one” likes, or that would be considered “junk” by some…. like the Ford Elite. The storage conditions are good.

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  11. Vegaman Dan

    The trains are low quality stuff from the 70’s and 80’s and sadly would be of little value. Maybe $5/engine and $2-3/car. They just are not good products to compared to more recent offerings. The blue box Athearn cars will get $5/ea. Bachmann, AHM, Tyco etc- they have no value.

    The layout is also of no value- you would tear it apart to move it and likely is not if a design a person wants as each one is personal to them.

    Scenery supplies and model tools I would go for. It is nowhere near me, so not happening.

    Looks neat, but the reality is inexpensive low value trains of the 70’s have as much interest from buyers as the Fords in the field do.

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    • PJH

      Well said Vegaman Dan. Only us buffs would know!
      I’m not a Ford fan either.
      To each his own though.

  12. joey

    A will fox, that “70’s junk” is very popular today, is your name rip Van W? Probably junk to you because there is not anything you want, they cannot all be a GT350 that people will pay way too much for…
    I would like to find a sharp 2 door LTD, a Elite, (which there was one), or a nice Torino Sport with a big block/4 speed!

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    • Joey

      I hate correction….AT WILL FOX

  13. Healeymonster

    Having been a Ford guy, there is really not a lot of interest to me other than the first gen mustang’s and I’ve had so many that they don’t interest me anymore. The T birds after 57 were too heavy and bulky. The 80’s era birds were interesting in their day but to me like all previous birds were big on the outside and small on the inside. If you grew up with one of these cars the interest is built in. But for outsiders there will be little interest.

  14. Howie Mueler

    Like Vegaman Dan said, these are HO scale trains, lots of cheap plastic, not going to bring much money. To list all that on FeeBay would not really be worth the time. Good Luck With All.

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  15. CJinSD

    I like the manual 1981 Eagle SX/4. I wonder if it has the 258?

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  16. piper62j

    As alwlays, beauty and value are in the eye of the beholder.

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  17. Jeff

    Well it seems we have established that all of this is total junk and we should just call the crusher for the cars and a dumpster for the trains. I do not understand why people come to sites like this and just belittle and put down anything that they do not personally like. If you don’t like it just move on. This is supposed to be a fun hobby not a place for you to attack what other people have enjoyed collecting.

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  18. Joe in NH

    I’ll take those “junk” Mustangs……..

    Joe in NH

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  19. Frank Y Member

    Well well. How lucky can you get. Currently On vacation with the wife and Grand kids At Bethany Beach about 20 miles away. Guess I’ll just have to swing on by. It said “not a auction all cars have a listed price some negotiable offers entertained within reason”.
    How nice would it be to come back and say honey look what I got at the Beach.

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  20. Pete Archibeque

    Well said Jeff.

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  21. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    I’m not very far from Seaford, I’m a retired appraiser and former board member of NADA, as well as a retired restoration shop owner. If you are serious about a specific car, let me know.

    I’m also associated with the Delaware Auction Center, the vast majority of the HO train stuff brings $5 to $10 in box lots.

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    • FrankY Member

      @Bill M. Maybe I’ll see u there on Saturday

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  22. Alexander KRESS Member

    I would be very interested in hearing the results of the sale. Especially
    the trains, as I believe they will be sold at a higher price than expected.

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  23. Daniel

    Ho-Hum another mustang or two, big deal.

  24. Eugene W.

    Lots of good stuff to be had there. I once owned a 79 Mercury Zephyr 5.0 wagon. Great car. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Be nice to your fellow car enthusiasts.

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  25. Barry L. Klotz

    All these are great looking. Where are they located?

  26. Eric B

    What a bizarre thread of comments. Is everyone just used to complaining and they don’t even know what they’re even commenting on? The building looks really nice and clean, PLASTIC is on the floors, the cars are clean, everything looks fairly organized and there are some great cars here. They clearly cared. My only theory is people are trying to downplay it because they’re interested. My only complaint is the lack of photos and info on the site, but I realize they can only provide so much. Not a single shot of the 65 FB’s interior for example.

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  27. FrankY Member

    If you click on the auction link it takes you there and all 300+ pictures. I hope to go there either Saturday or Sunday.

    • Eric B

      I did, but I somehow missed the interior shots of the 65- my bad! If you’re interested in either of the mustang fastbacks they’ll be gone immediately if the prices aren’t outrageous. At the same time, I hope they don’t give them away or we’ll be seeing them for sale on ebay by Jimbob the flipper.

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    • Fran

      Saw your latest post and I went to check out the place, classic car shop in Missouri. Joke website, everything listed is sold! And the prices, I bet the Elite will be 89,000$$$ If they get it!

      • FrankY Member

        They did not give the shops name in Missouri name but said the guy has been telephone them at least 10-12 times. Wanted to buy the whole lot. Before the auction they said No wasn’t their business practice and wasn’t fair to those that wanted to attend. But they did tell the shop owner that what ever does not sell he could buy. ( not sure what he would offer as there were several cars left) The AMC 4wd was being trailers out as we got there.

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  28. Doodman

    Fyi, was able to get some pricing on the stangs:

    Dark blue-$8500

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    • Fran

      Not bad. What is the price of the elite?

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  29. Kurt Member

    It sounds like they are willing to dicker on all the prices. Wish I lived closer.

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  30. gaspumpchas

    Great listing, another thing that makes BF a great site. There’s something here for everyone. Just because it doesnt fit your taste doesnt mean it shouldnt be posted here. I like auctions like these because there might be something good in the back of the barn that they didnt put in the auction.. Kudos to the barn find crew.. Useless negativity and insults dont belong here. If you dont like what you see move on. Good luck and happy motoring.

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  31. FrankY Member

    For those that were interested. I went there today with a buddy of mine. Took some pictures that I will mail to BF if they care to post them. They story is that the previous owner passed away at age 52 or 53. And his wife was liquidated his possessions. He lived in PA someplace ( about 3 hours from where he kept these car) some cars were obtained before he was married. He drove all these cars to this location where he kept them. His actual residence was also the home of “projects cars” and was liquidated a little while back. Any car that isn’t sold is being bought by a classic car shop in Missouri I was told. Very nice tidy place well kept indoor storage with the plastic down in all storage buildings. Some cars were not as they seemed as the Firebird was originally a 1970 base 6cyl that had a 400 put in it. And was repainted.

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    • fran

      Do you know what happened to the Elite? How much did it go for?

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  32. Barry L. Klotz

    Does anyone know how much the Firebird went for?

    • FrankY Member

      Barry I was there it haven’t sold. Someone was was giving it a good look and had all intentions of making a offer. Him and I were chatting. Turns out the 1970 Firebird was an original base 6cyl car that has been painted and looked like different Interior. We couldn’t find a cowl tag either.

      • Barry L. Klotz

        Thanks for the update Frank Y. I would guess the sale is over now.

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