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Warehouse Full: Classic and Not-So-Classic Cars

Located in a warehouse near Metuchen, New Jersey is a collection or series of collections that comprise more than 300 vehicles. It appears a variety of major brands are represented, of both domestic and international origin. It seems that the property they reside in must be vacated in a matter of weeks, so a large-scale sale is taking place. A volume tip from T.J., you’ll have to contact the third-party seller for a list and pricing expectations for the bundle posted here on craigslist.

The vehicles in question were built as far back as 1959 and as recently as 2011. On the domestic side, you’ll find mostly Chevrolets and Fords, while the imports may be far more diverse. That would include BMW, Honda, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Toyota, and even some Rolls-Royces. We’re told the majority of the vehicles are in running order although some will need some degree of work. There is no indication of how long any of these vehicles have been in the warehouse.

According to the seller, tire kickers are discouraged from contacting the seller as nothing here is going to be sold on the cheap. Multiple owners are involved and everything you see pictured must be sold and moved out of storage within 45 days of the posting of the ad on craigslist. We assume a more substantial effort to market these automobiles is being done to attract the right kind of buyers.


  1. alphasud Member

    So frustrating when you see a Craigslist ad with several hundred cars for sale ad only 3 pictures as well as the attitude of the person listing the cars. Hard pass!

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    • Michael S. Porter

      I clicked on the link and the post is gone.

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  2. Todd J. Member

    No offense to residents of New Jersey, but
    my first thought was, “New Jersey, eh? They’re probably all stolen. They’ll tell you that titles have been “misplaced.”

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    • JCA Member

      The average household income in Metuchen is $163k/yr and a nice house will set you back over a Mill

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      • Todd J. Member

        And it’s not far from container ports for those interested in shipping cars overseas…

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      • Sebastian X1/9

        No need to get defensive, Vinny.

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      • RH

        Most of what is considered Metuchen, outside of the borough, is actually in Edison Twp.

      • Dave

        “vinny” 🤣🤣🤣

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      • Mike Hawke

        What exit is that?

    • JCA Member

      “45 days” is the average closing time and what someone would say when they sell a property and need it cleared out. Likely he sold the warehouse to a developer and he needs the cars out. He probably made arrangement with a dealer who can put the cars on his lot. Inventory is low here and there are plenty of empty car lots. If you think someone would put 6 million dollars worth of cars that are stolen on Craigslist then you aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed

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      • Todd J. Member

        I see an idea for a screenplay here. If I write a script, maybe you can punch it up, you seem like you have a handle on things.

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    • bikefixr

      Guess you’ve never actually been there, huh? You watch too many TV movies. Central NJ is some of the wealthiest zip-codes in the Nation.

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  3. Cadmanls Member

    Surprise the post is gone!

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  4. ace10

    Super shady

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  5. Big C

    “Deez caws ain’t cheap!” Proclaims the scammer.

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  6. CCFisher

    So many questions. There are hundreds of cars, in various operational states, with multiple owners, packed into a warehouse in such a way that getting any single car out would be a significant undertaking. What are we looking at? A repair/restoration shop with a huge backlog? A chop shop? (To JCA’s point – what better place to put a chop shop than adjacent to a nice neighborhood where nobody would think to look?) A really poorly organized storage facility? An impound lot? If the cars have multiple owners, why do they all need to be sold? Wouldn’t some of the owners simply move the cars to another location? Very odd, indeed.

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    • Keith

      Remember Obama’s program to take older cars off the roads and give you $5k for them against the purchase of a new car? Engines had to be seized but the cars looked great. They had to go somewhere!

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      • CATHOUSE

        As I recall all the Cash For Clunkers vehicles had to go straight to the crusher. You were not allowed to remove so much as a screw or bolt from them, just straight to the crusher.

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  7. Jay McCarthy

    They have less that 45 days to get all that iron out and the seller thinks there’s going to be no low balling
    You showed your hand sir

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  8. George Birth

    Rots of ruck on this one.

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